Local Help Manager

Designed to be used in our statistical training courses and ... now shared with all MinitabĀ® enthusiastic users.

lhm.exe [+mtbHelpVersNumber] [+initLangString]
Example 1 : lhm +19 +j start lhm loading Minitab 19 Japanese Local Help index.
Example 2 : lhm +18 +g start lhm loading Minitab 18 German Local Help index.

word_1 [word_2] [word_n]
Example 1 : anova nested search documents with 'anova' AND 'nested' words inside.
Example 2 : anova -nested search documents with 'anova' word AND NOT 'nested' word inside.
Example 3 : anova -anova the search will not find results.

Always enter lowercase words in input box. Accents, umlauts and ligatures are auto-converted in searching.

RESERVED WORDS in searching:
list_macros : get macro files in Local Help.
list_wsheets : get worksheet files in Local Help.
list_projects : get project files in Local Help.

LHM requires a valid installation of [Win32/64] Minitab and its Local Help before being used.
[Help are available at https://www.minitab.com/en-us/downloads/]
Always check to get the right LHM Languages DLL set related to the Local Help you have.[18.1 or 19.1 or 19.2]
If a specific Language of used set is not of your interest and you want to save space to disk, simply delete the related LHM DLL.

No special privileges are required for installation or use.
LHM app is portable. In your machine, simply copy or move LHM folders where you want.
LHM portable does not modify Windows registers.
You just need to register the .mac [macro] file extension [if not yet registered] to use the Edit Macro command, when present. [Notepad++ or vsCode is suggested as macro editor.]

[1] Omitted words [about 8/10%] in LHM Freeware search are Language depending. Use Word Statistic menu command to get more info on it.
[2] Unregistered Users need to restart after 32 open links [Italian Users = 16] to continue working.
[3] Starting from Basic Edition all the indexed words will be searchable.
[4] Commands using mtbe.In.Process and/or mtbe.UD.Interface functions are operational only with LHM mtbEngine Edition.

Download your preferred language set, unzip to a full access (writable) folder and run lhm.exe.

Freeware Edition for Minitab 19.2 Help
All Languages : 41.2 MB
German + English only : 10.3 MB
Spanish + English only : 10.2 MB
French + English only : 10.5 MB
Japanese + English only : 9.1 MB
Korean + English only : 10.4 MB
Portuguese + English only : 10.2 MB
Chinese + English only : 8.8 MB

Freeware Edition for Minitab 19.1 Help (no longer maintained)
All Languages 41.2 MB

Freeware Edition for Minitab 18 Help (no longer maintained)
All Languages 40,3 MB

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