CHM Translator for Experimenters

CHM Translator for Experimenters handles the translation of Design Expert help.
In addition it also handles Minitab© and JMP© chm helps, but virtually can handle any CHM help (simple or complex).
This is a pre-release version and the freeware license requires the user registration.
Some features may vary depending on the user country location.

CHM Translator for Experimenters simply uses a public shortcut available on Internet and does not contain Microsoft Translator API calls in its code. The author is not liable for malfunctions due to any future change in this code shortcut.
Original CHM files aren't decompiled.

Very light executable (~ 100 kB), tested on Windows 7 / 10 (32 and 64).
This software is part of AnyCHM Translator and MTBEngine, copyright of Franco Anzani.

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